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  • So one day...

    After wonderking closed down, I spanned my options, since I didn't have my mmo home to go back to, I had to take big strides forward and move on with my life, and a new mmo to call /home/.


    I ran into so many mmo's one after another, all fell down before the mighty warrior called boredom. See, boredom wasn't just a warrior, he was a ruthless monster out to slay every mmo out there to find the one.


    My story spans from many valiant games, one to another, but I wanted to know your story, as you traveled from Wonderking to many great distant lands and beyond. Has this thing called real life ever stopped you in your path and took you to different dimension? Kay maybe i'm overexxagerating on the storytelling but yeah I wanted to know what everyone else has been up to as far as MMO's go because i'm just a curious derp liek dat.


    PS. Totally did not play another 2D MMO like La Tale and Dragon Saga. 

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  • Antarctica
    Antarctica Oooo I tried Rusty Hearts but it just didn't appeal to me and LoL is something I resort to when i'm on the verge of suicide by boredom, but dayum, I look forward to Elder Scrolls Online though, now THAT mmo is going to be amazing.
    March 16, 2013
  • keenanb1
    keenanb1 oh god long list incoming.
    So, lets start with rumble fighter, move onto latale, head over to elsword; try a little bit of maplestory... leap back to nostalgia and find some runescape; conquer on LoL, and find Conquer itself (very asian but kinda fun) and...  more
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  • keenanb1
    keenanb1 ohgod i forgot starcraft, throw that inbetween like all of those; i cant stand keeping from its addiction..
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  • Antarctica
    Antarctica I wish I had as good a memory as you, I can't remember half the games I went through. xD
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